Top 30 College in Dhaka 2024 List [for Science, HSC, Arts, Commerce]

Top 30 College in Dhaka 2024 List [for Science, HSC, Arts, Commerce]

Today we will publish the ranking of maximum 30 colleges in Dhaka city in front of you through this post. Those of you who want to know about these colleges for intermediate and honors admission.

Our today’s article is for them. National University publishes the ranking every year depending on the quality of study and other environment of the college.

So if you want to know the list of government and private colleges in Dhaka for undergraduate and postgraduate level. You can visit our website. Government colleges in Dhaka city.

Top 30 College in Dhaka 2024

They are Government Dhaka College, Badrunnecha Women’s College, Eden Women’s College, Kabi Nazrul Islam College and Government Bangla College. These colleges usually offer undergraduate

and postgraduate courses. However, after the affiliation of Dhaka University from National University in 2016, the National University authorities do not disclose the banking of these colleges.

However, there are many other official government schools and colleges within Dhaka city. Among the private schools in Dhaka city, Habibullah Bahar University College,

top 10, 20 government college in dhaka

Abu Gyor Giffari College, Dhaka City College, Government Science College, Holy Cross College are the best. Besides, if you want to know about the list of intermediate level colleges.

Top 10 Government College

First, come the names of Notre Dame colleges. Notre Dame College is the most popular intermediate in Bangladesh. There are also Holy Cross College, Vikarunnessa Noon School and College, Siddheshwari Girls Mahila College,

there are also many more beautiful and prestigious colleges. Through this post today I have revealed those colleges in front of you. In high demand, you usually want to know about the best colleges for science majors.

top 30 college in dhaka for science, hsc

So through today’s post, I am discussing detailed information before you. So in this post today I will discuss about these colleges in front of you. Dhaka Science College and Govt Bangla College

Top 30 College in Dhaka 2024

and Dhaka Science College within Govt Dhaka city are very good quality of study and students of science department mainly prefer to study in these colleges. Post Graduate and Graduate subjects as well as Class XI and XII are taught.

However, if you want to study in class 11th and 12th in front of Bangladesh, Dhaka College is the best within Dhaka. The quality of education in Dhaka College is much better. But only boys can study in Dhaka College.

top 30 college in dhaka list

All of you have a question in your mind what are the 10 government colleges in Dhaka city? Today we will discuss detailed information in front of you through this post. Dhaka College has more of your good quality colleges.

Among the government colleges, Dhaka College Government Science College, Government Titumir College, Government Women’s College, Government Bangla College, Government Kazi Nazrul Islam College etc. are notable.

However, these colleges are affiliated to Dhaka University. Every year you have a large number of students passing out from these colleges and they are currently working in different parts of Bangladesh.

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