SSC 2024 Marks Distribution PDF [এখানে বিস্তারিত দেখুন]

SSC 2024 Marks Distribution PDF [এখানে বিস্তারিত দেখুন]

In this post we discuss about ssc 2024 marks distribution. So you can easily know from this post that in which subject will be held in SSC exam in 2024. SSC exam 2023 was held on short syllabus.

So now many students have asked us to know whether SSC exam will be held on short syllabus in 2024 or not. The answer to their question is that the SSC exam will be held on the complete syllabus this year.

On July 10, 2023, the Ministry of Education has informed that the SSC exam will be held this year based on the complete syllabus. So no short syllabus will be published for 2024 SSC exam candidates.

SSC 2024 Marks Distribution PDF

This year the SSC exam will be held for 100 marks and each subject will be tested in three hours. Now we will discuss Marks Distribution of each subject separately.

Due to the coronavirus, the SSC exams of 2022 and 2023 were held based on the previous years’ syllabus. Then each subject is tested on 50 marks and the test is one hour and thirty minutes as opposed to three hours.

Besides, four creative questions had to be answered out of 11 creative questions and 15 TMCQ questions had to be answered against 30 MCQ questions. In that case mcq of 50 marks and written exam were held against 100 marks.

ssc syllabus 2024 bangla

Now we are going to discuss the Bengali Syllabus 2024. You have already come to know that SSC exam will be held in 2024 based on full syllabus. So take the preparation according to the board syllabus.

SSC English 2nd Paper Mark Distribution 2024

In 2023, Bengali syllabus was halved in SSC exam. In view of which now the students want to know from us whether Bengali syllabus will be half in 2024 or not. Answering their questions, your Bengali syllabus will be complete this year.

From this post you can know the correct information about Marks Distribution of SSC Exam 2024. Also let us tell you that the SSC exam 2024 is scheduled to be held in the first week of February.

ssc english 2nd paper mark distribution 2024

For those students who are looking for SSC English Paper II Marks Distribution, we have made this post today. Because if you want you can easily know about English Second Paper Marks Distribution here.

SSC 2024 Marks Distribution

In the year 2022 and 2023, your exam was conducted with a shortened syllabus for the SSC exam. But let’s say your objective in that case English first paper and English second paper syllabus was complete. However, some syllabuses were reduced.

In English paper 2nd SSC exam Gamma is 40 and RETEN is 60 marks. But to get good results in English second paper subject, you must give importance to grammatical subjects. Then you will get a chance to do well in English second paper.

ssc 2024 english 1st paper mark distribution

English First Paper 2024 will be held as per Marks Distribution by nctv. So you can understand your board syllabus and Marks Distribution very easily. So I will say that this Marks Distribution is given on the first page of your board book.

So if you want you can check English First Paper Mark Distribution 2024 right now. As our post discusses about SSC Exam 2024 Mandate. So hopefully you have learned about human distribution from this post.

On 10th July 2023, we came to know through the press media that the SSC exam will be held on the basis of the complete syllabus in the first week of February this year. So try to prepare well now without delay.

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