Jamuna Future Park Off Day 2024, Open, Closing Time, Contact Number

Jamuna Future Park Off Day 2024, Open, Closing Time, Contact Number

Jamuna Future Park is one of the largest shopping malls in our country. This shopping mall is spread over an area of 41 lakh square feet. It is not only the largest shopping mall in our country.

It is the largest shopping mall in South Asia and the 24th largest shopping mall in the world. Many people come to shop at Jamuna Future Park from different parts of our country.

There are different types of shops here. From clothes, shoes, and cosmetics to electronic devices, this Jamuna Future Park is also there. Jamuna Future Park is located

Jamuna Future Park Off Day 2024

at Kuril, Baridhara, Dhaka. It was established in 2013. And here today we will discuss with you about the off days or holidays of Jamuna Future Park. Along with that, we will discuss

here today when the Yamuna Future Park will be opened and when it will be closed. I will also discuss the contact number of Jamuna Future Park in detail.

If you are interested in knowing all these details, please read this post carefully. Jamuna Future Park has various facilities. For example, there you will find entertainment,

jamuna future park closing time today

shopping, dining, sports and other facilities. For those of you who want to shop at Jamuna Future Park, Jamuna Future Park has a weekend. If you go to that park on that holiday,

Jamuna Future Park Today Open or Closed

you will have to come back unsuccessfully and waste a lot of time. Because this park is closed on weekends. The weekend holiday of Yamuna Future Park is Wednesday.

Entire shopping malls are closed on this day. You can shop from this Jamuna Future Park six days a week except this day. This shopping mall is open on other days.

jamuna future park today open or closed

Jamuna Future Park is open on all six days except weekends and the park is open from 11 am to 8 pm. If you want to shop from Jamuna Future Park or enjoy the facilities there,

Jamuna Future Park Off Day 2024

then you can go anytime between 11 am and 8 pm, six days a week except Wednesday. In case of shopping from Jamuna Future Park or to know various things

about this shopping mall, many people want to contact Future Park on mobile phone. For that many people want to know the contact number of this shopping mall.

jamuna future park contact number

So we will inform you about the contact number. If you want to contact Jamuna Future Park, you can call +8802-8416051-2, 01937-400205-22. Apart from this contact number they have an email address.

That is [email protected]. Apart from the email address, you can also know about various things from their website. Their official website is www.jamunafuturepark.com.

Since our website has provided all the detailed information about Jamuna Future Park closing, opening and market. So I would say that if you want, you can easily read this post about Jamuna Future Park Shopping Complex.

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