eps.boesl.gov.bd registration 2024, Form, Notice Today [South Korea Lottery]

eps.boesl.gov.bd registration 2024, Form, Notice Today [South Korea Lottery]

Every year lotteries are given from different countries of the world to take manpower from our country. And through this lottery many workers migrate abroad. And the circulars related to this lottery are published

by BOESL on their official website and through this website they have to apply for the lottery. From here various types of notices are known. And so here today we will give details about BOESL Registration 2024,

BOESL Notice Board 2024 and its application form. Those of you who are interested to know all these things in detail can go through this post of ours with full attention. Hope you can know all these things by reading this post.

eps.boesl.gov.bd registration 2024

Many people in our country are unemployed due to lack of employment. And to eliminate the unemployment of these unemployed or to fill the shortage of labor force, different countries take labor force

or workers from different countries through a lottery. BOESL has recently released a circular for Korea Manpower Recruitment on their official website and the registration deadline

for the workers willing to get the lottery has been set. And to go through the Korea Lottery, one must first participate in the exam and after being finally selected, one can go to different countries.

www.boesl.gov.bd application form

For this first registration or registration is required. We will tell you about the rules on how to register BOESL yourself. If you want to register BOESL then first you need to visit the official website www.eps.boesl.gov.bd.

eps.boesl.gov.bd registration 2024

Then enter your passport number and transaction ID and enter the captcha code. Then click next button and provide some other information including your name, date of birth, passport issue and expiry date, NID number.

Then give the details as per the passport and select the attendance task. In this way you have to click on the submit button and also scan some documents and submit them.

south korea lottery registration 2024 eps.boesl.gov.bd

For example, experience certificate, training certificate, academic certificate, national parliament paper and some other documents have to be submitted. Then your registration will be completed.

www.boesl.gov.bd application form

But the qualifications you must have for registration are that you must have passed HSC as a minimum. Also age should be below 40. Must have valid passport. You must understand the language of the country you want to visit.

You need to see if there is any kind of case. Because if someone has any kind of case then he can’t go or drug addicts are not allowed to go abroad. BOESL regularly gives various notices on their official website.

eps.boesl.gov.bd registration 2024 & notice today

Those of you who want to go abroad or apply or register to go to different countries through lottery can visit the official website of Boesel. Because they publish these notices on their official website. Also various notices related to the final result

are published on the website. And their official website link is www.boesl.gov.bd. Many people want to apply to Boessel to go abroad through the lottery. For which many people want to see the application form. So for you we have

published a picture of the application form on our website. Also we have discussed in detail about the rules on how to apply for BOESL in other posts on our website. If you are interested in knowing all these topics, keep an eye on our other posts.

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